“Lvjiao power, riding further” provides consumers with higher-end quality products

Sine wave frequency conversion motorFast acceleration, stable start, ultra-quiet start, extended ride range without jitter 20%, can delay battery life by one year
Sinusoidal vector controllerWireless sine wave controller, waterproof plug-in, harness integrated waterproof setting, safety increased by 30%
Three-stage smart chargerAccurately control charging parameters, prevent overcurrent and overvoltage charging, reduce battery water loss, extend battery life, and reduce charger failure rate
Bold and thick frameAbsorbing German advanced electrophoresis technology, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, welded with high-quality cold-rolled carbon steel, the frame is larger in diameter and thicker than the ordinary round tube, and the overall quality is also high, which greatly improves the driving stability and safety factor
Super bright durable plasma piano paintBeautiful color, smooth texture, perfect lines, beautiful and smooth, dazzling, showing fashion charm
Super bright LED headlightLvjiao headlight is made of high-strength carbon material, which can not be smashed, not broken, and has a long service life. It has a high safety factor at night.
Car-level hydraulic shock absorptionThe hydraulic technology of the car in the west zone increases the flexibility of the spring to ensure that the hydraulic oil at the lower end of the piston works effectively, effectively improves the impact from the rough road, eases the stamping, and improves the safety factor
High performance drum brake systemImprove instantaneous stress strength, no noise, durable and durable, not hurt the wheel
E-ABS brake systemDriving, no noise, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, short distance, anti-lock, fast driving, obvious braking effect, worry-free riding